It's Time to Phone a Friend

It's Time to Phone a Friend

CCS provides extensive cell phone repairs

You expect your phone to respond at the touch of a button or tap of the screen. If your device glitches frequently, contact CCS Computers Sales and Services. Although we don't sell phones, we do offer same-day repairs. Don't miss out on important emails, texts or posts - we'll quickly fix your phone and make sure you're better connected to your digital world.

Our technicians work on Apple, LG and Samsung products. We offer battery and charging port replacements, LCD repairs and screen repairs.

3 ways to protect your phone

Whether you're a klutz or you just have really bad luck, you should still try to protect your device.

  1. Invest in a sturdy case - we see the appeal of plastic cases with fun designs, but you should purchase something more durable. Ask us for recommendations!
  2. Don't store your phone in your pocket - your phone can fall to the ground as you sit down, get up or move around.
  3. Use a password - set up a PIN or lock code for your device. If someone steals your phone, they'll have a hard time accessing your information.

When in doubt, bring shattered screens and damaged batteries to CCS Computers. Call 337-643-3600 to make an appointment with an IT pro.