We Screen Laptops for Common Bugs and Viruses

We Screen Laptops for Common Bugs and Viruses

Extend the life of your computer

You use your laptop for everything from work to online shopping. You can't live without it. So what to do when your laptop breaks? CCS Computers Sales and Services works on laptops from all major brands. If your hard drive has failed you one time too many and you need data recovery, call 337-643-3600 now. We staff repair specialists at our full-service IT center.

4 signs you need a new computer

Do you need to invest in a new PC? Here are four signs you're ready for an upgrade:

  1. You find yourself yelling at your computer
  2. You've started using your phone instead of your laptop
  3. You stare longingly at your friends' devices
  4. You've considered throwing your laptop out the window

CCS can make life easier for you and your family. We'll build a custom computer for you. Alternatively, you can browse our selection of popular computer models.