Were Your Dreams of Being Tech-Savvy Shattered?

Were Your Dreams of Being Tech-Savvy Shattered?

CCS repairs tablets and cell phones

You're walking into a meeting with a fully charged tablet. Within minutes, your device flashes a low-battery warning. CCS Computers Sales and Services can boost battery life. Call 337-643-3600 to make an appointment with our IT team. If we have the necessary parts in stock, we can complete repairs within 24 hours. Make the most of our industry expertise - your gadgets are in good hands.

Our computer, phone and tablet repair shop can:

  • Replace your battery - spend less time charging your device and more time enjoying it.
  • Fix your screen - your tablet screen (and your heart) is in pieces. Don't worry. CCS will repair your device with ease.
  • Recommend the best cases - shield your tablet from future damage. Buy an industry-approved case.

What to do when your device takes a tumble

Maybe your toddler got a hold of your iPad. Perhaps your Kindle slipped out of your backpack. Don't spring for a new device - make an appointment at CCS Computers. We specialize in tablet repair, and you can trust our IT experts. Call 337-643-3600 for more information about CCS services.